This two sports centers are situated close to each other in the territory of Bashkortostan republic, they have well-developed infrastructure. Recent years Abzakovo - Bannoe are among the most popular ski resorts of Russia.
Alpine skiing center Abzakovo is situated in the south-east part of Bashkiria in 25 km from Beloretsk and in 60 km from Magnitogorsk. The center was more than once called the best alpine skiing center of Russia. The resort satisfies all modern requirements, it is a wonderful place for doing winter sports.
For alpine skiers and snowboarders there are perfect conditions: 15 well-equiped tracks of all categories, the level difference is 320 m, 4 tracks for slalom and giant-slalom are certificated by FIS. Their overall length is about 18 km.
The alpine skiing season starts in the middle of November and ends in the beginning of may. The of artificial snowmaking starts working from the date of the first night freezing. In Abzakovo there are ski tracks of different categories, for giant slalom also. Modern infrastructure gives the possibility of conducting even international competitions.
Alpine Skiing Center "Metalurg-Magnitogorsk" is situated in the area of lake Bannoe, in unique forests and mountains of South Ural in 40 km from Magnetogorsk and in 25 km from Anzakovo. It is an ecological area with a mild climate bordered with beautiful mountains and wonderful forests.
"Metalurg-Magnitogorsk" - is a developing resort which attracts amateurs of ski sports. Its slopes are turned to east. Seven tracks are rated for different level of professionalism. This alpine skiing center has its of artificial snowmaking so the ski season starts in November and ends in may.

The overall length of tracks: 18 km.

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