Dombay - is a territory in mountains in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya in Kuban river basin. The highest point of Elbrus is in 65 km from here, and the seaside of Black sea is in 60 km.
The south border of Dombay - Main Caucasus Mountain ridge. The highest point of Dombay - Ulgen - 4040 m.
The connection of 3 main ravines of Dombay - Alibek, Amanuza and Dombay-Ulgen - forms natural center of the territory - scenic Dombay glade which lies in 1600 m above the sea-level.
Dombay - is not an administrational name. This is a modern name of the territory in the upper of river Teberda.
The climate in Dombay is mild and the air is rather damp. Usually it is sunny in Dombay. That's why having vacation here is not very pleasant but also very good for health.

The skiing season in Dombay starts in November and ends in May, but the best time for skiing is February and March, in this time days sunny, the air is warm and snow is perfect.

In Dombay International competitions in freestyle, slalom and giant slalom took place. Dombay - is one of the modern centers of sports and vacation. There are many hotels there and the capacity of alpine skiing tracks is about 2 000 people a year! The territory of skiing is situated in 1800 - 3200 m above the sea level.

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