About 80 % of the territory of Kamchatka is covered by mountains: 3000 volcanos from 400 to 4750 m high, and 29 of them are still active. You can find geysers with boiling water situated just near ice and snow, you can watch ocean defeating mountains. The nature of Kamchatka makes this resort being very attractive for those who like winter sports. Kamchatka has slopes for all kinds of skiers, professionals and beginners. Long fields of fresh snow and a ski season from November till July - this is a great advantage of Kamchatka region. Only in Kamchatka you can downhill to the crater of volcano, or get to a thermal spring straight from the slope.
Due to these fantastic conditions some very uncommon sports are developed here: free-ride and heli-skiing. People from all over Russia come here to try themselves in going down to the crater of volcano or skiing from a helicopter.
The main volcanos for heli-skiing are: Avachinskiy (2200m), Vilychinskiy - 2173, Jupanovsky 2900, Kozelsky - 2189. There are also sport centers for more traditional ski sports in Kamchatka. They are uncommon because they end in the city area so it is possible to get to them by bus.
Nowadays 5 ski bases work in Kamchatka: 3 of them are situated in Petropavlovsk, 1 in Elizovo, and 1 near volcano Mutnovsky.

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