Krasnaya Polyana was known even in the nineteenth century, as a unique place because of its
natural and ecological properties. In 1878, 40 Greek families founded a settlement here, and called it "Krasnaya Polyana" , because of it's extraordinary beauty of nature in autumn season.

Twenty years ago a special committee of eminent scientists visited this place and gave it a status of the city. They highlighted the areas as a specially protected and gave it a name Romanowski.
After the revolution settlements regained its former name.

On sports characteristics this place is just incomparable. In the whole history of Olympic Games there was no such a place with ability of establishing sports competitions of different disciplines on one slope. But it is possible in Krasnaya Polyana and this is just one of advantages of the resort. The homologized slopes will be also prepared. The average annual level of snow - 5 m, which provides a stable skiing season from December till march, and the tracks themselves could satisfy all kinds of skiers both amateurs and professionals. Nowadays construction and developing new slopes near Krasnaya Polyana is in progress. New alpine skiing centers being built, modern infrastructure is also being built. The area of alpine skiing in Krasnaya Polyana - 3200 square m. Slopes of Krasnaya Polyana are distinguished with variety of relief.



Data and contacts of skiing centers.

STK "Gornaya Karusel"

Length of tracks: 8 000 m

Tel: +7 (8622) 349-111

Services: parking, cafe, rent and instructor's services (teaching alpine skiing and snowboarding), tubing stadium

Official site:


GTS OAO "Gazprom"

Length of tracks: 14 335 м.

Tel: +7 (8622) 595-959

Services: hotel, parking, cafe, rent, shops, cloak room, first-aid post

Official site:

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