Elbrus region - territory in Middle Caucasus, which consists of Elbrus area and several mountains of Main Caucasus ridge. Resorts of Elbrus region are situated near most popular mountains of Caucasus - Ushba, Chatyn - Tau, Donguzorun, Nakra, Shurovskiy pick, Adyl- Su and Adyr - Su. But the most interesting area is Elbrus. It's west pick is 5642 m high above the sea level, and it is the highest point of Europe. Elbrus is also one of the highest points of all continents.
Elbrus has 12 km of ski lifts and 35 km of alpine skiing tracks, the main slopes are Cheget and Elbrus. Skiing on some slopes of Elbrus is possible in any season. The west side Elbrus is 5642 m high, and the east side 5621 m high. The highest point available is Gara Bashi (3780 m above the sea level).
The length of the longest track of the resort "Stariy Krugozor" - Azau - 2.5 km with the elevation of 650 m. Some areas of this track are appropriate for beginners. Cheget Mountain has one of the most difficult alpine skiing tracks in the world - only professionals can ski there. Skiing on its slope is associated with one of the best ways of skiing in Russia. Cheget is known as a place of establishing of all-russian and international competitions.
Slopes, alpine skiing tracks and ski lifts of Elbrus region resort:

Skiing area: 2100-3800 m
Overall length of tracks: about 50 km (21 track)
The longest track: 2,5 km, elevation 650 m
Overall number of ski lifts: 13

In recent times Elbrus region is developing. As the project is included in Federal task program "South of Russia" new objects being build: new alpine skiing tracks and objects of social infrastructure.

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