Hibiny is the oldest ski resort, it is located in the Murmansk area and it's known for its excellent opportunities of off-road skiing.
The main advantages of the resort are the length and profusion of the snow cover, as well as lower prices for services. Hoists and the ski slopes are concentrated on the mountains Aikuaivenchorr and Kukisvumchorr that flank the city of Kirovsk. In winter their slopes, turned into ski trails with beautiful stadiums for slalom and freestyle, jumps, attract thousands of skiers for vacation in Hibiny.
Hibiny mountains have tracks of different levels, so both amateurs and professionals can use them.

There are three skiing areas:
ski complex "Kolasportland" on Mount Aikuaivenchorr, ski complex "Aykuay" on a hillside with its back side and a mountain Kukisvumchorr, located 25 km east of Kirovsk. In good weather conditions it is possible to get from one resort to another with no putting off slopes.
Most of tracks of Kirovsk end in the city, so it is possible to reach them on public transport. For those who like skiing at night tracks with night lightening where build.

Sports facilities of the resort are not limited to alpine skiing. There are flat trails (14 km), riding on snowmobiling, heli-skiing - you can rent a helicopter, fly around the tops 5.4 and slide down the virgin snow.


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