Mustag mountain, the highest point of Shorsck mountain ridge, is a huge granite massif which extends from south-west to north-east for more than 25 km. Summer is warm and wet and winter is very cold and bright with a stable snow cover in mountain areas.
In 1995 alpine skiing tracks of Zelenaya mountain were homologated and they got the certification of FIS and the ability to conduct international competitions.

In 1996 the First Russian alpine skiing championship took place in Sheregesh, and in 1997 the school of alpine skiing and snowboarding was founded.
In 2004 a new alpine skiing track of 2 000 m long was build. Since that every year more and more tracks are being build.

Alpine skiing tracks of Sheregesh are situated on the east slope of Zelenaya mountain.

There are 9 alpine skiing tracks in Sheregesh of different level. The longest alpine skiing track with the of artificial snowmaking is also there. Every year competitions for professionals and amateurs take place here. Period of snow bedding is 7 months. 17 Cable railways work in the resort, and about 30 hotels of different price and quality are available for tourists and athletes.


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