As opposed to Moscow, where the development of skiing and snowboarding occurred only in recent years, some ski resorts of St. - Petersburg and Leningrad region were built in Soviet period. Sustained interest of the inhabitants of the metropolis and historically formed skiing areas allowed to create modern centers for downhill skiing and snowboarding in a short period of time.

Ski resorts of St. Petersburg and its suburbs are oriented mostly for skiing during weekends, for it's rental houses and hotels close to the compound. There are also a lot of other objects for having good time at the resort.

Recently, in the ski resorts of the Leningrad region appeared wonderful "black hills" for those who like extreme skiing and a modern snowboard park with "Half-pipe" for "advanced" sportsmen.

St. - Petersburg holds the Championship Cup on various disciplines, it significantly raises the interest in skiing sports among children and amateurs.

The ski slopes of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region could compete with similar resorts in Finland.


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